The website design industry is too complicated and effectual. If you want your website to be fresh you need to take the design into account. You need to know about what’s popular these days. And before you learn about the hottest website trends, we need to emphasize that, a well-designed website is as important as being visible on the web. The Marketing Heaven team will make sure that your website becomes recognizable on the internet.


These days, Gradients are utilized to make striking statements that helping people associate with an item or a thought. Gradients let designer make something new by mixing different colors. A shading that didn’t exist before you blended them. Mixes of dynamic and vibrant shading for backgrounds making a new way in Design World.

gradient in web design


Animation attracts users to a specific section of the design, helps in revealing a story. Use this in web projects to give an extraordinary profundity of understanding to the users. Animations are being utilized in the sites to improve a site’s experience. Animation incorporates background, motion graphics and scrolling effects.

animation in designing


It’s easy to live in a comfortable part of Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri. The synchronized movements of a few fonts on your page gives you a chance to dole out everyone to a particular part of your page, utilizing a different font for your striking header and a cleaner line for the more content overwhelming clarifications about your business.

typography in web design

Mobile Friendly

Making your website mobile friendly is no longer an optional part as mobile friendliness is now a ranking signal after Google algorithm (2015, April) update. If you are not providing a good experience for your mobile visitors than you are you’re heading out an enormous part of your potential traffic.

Mobile Friendly Website


Accelerated Mobile Pages is the most recent open-source format for making website pages that reliably load instantly. The act of accelerated mobile pages underlines structure decisions that line up with what search engine recognize it as a friendly, including a characterized audience, fantastic content, appropriate designing and consistent mobile compatibility.


White Space

Designs with a lot of white space are more readable. Leaving lots of white space additionally makes it simpler to focus on most imperative components on the page. A large number of graphics components or an excessive amount of data into one little space makes it less efficient.